Super Pups Drop-Off & Pick-Up Reminders | Super Pups



• As a reminder, at drop off and pick up please be mindful of other customers and wait until one family has been helped before entering the lobby. This allows us to give our attention to each person and prevents dogs from feeling overwhelmed by strangers or excitement.

• While we LOVE to spend time with our customers, we are not always available to chat with each daycare attendee. In an effort to be efficient and respectful of time, we politely ask you call or email us with any questions and concerns. Please schedule a time with management for special accommodations to discuss your pup or membership. We would greatly appreciate if our busy windows are kept strictly for drop off and pickup unless there is an emergency. All updates, progress, and playmates while at daycare will be communicated through frequently sent out report cards.

• As always, please make sure to request a reservation when you would like your pup to attend daycare and ensure confirmation has been received before dropping off your pup.

• When creating your reservation, choose the appropriate drop off time and expected pick up.

• If a pup has not arrived at daycare within an hour of set drop off time, the reservation will be canceled and charged so that another customer may come to play.

• SUPER PUPS opens at 7am after set up for the day has been completed and boarded dogs are taken care of, and closes at 7pm for proper sanitizing and housekeeping. A dollar per minute will be charged for dogs not picked up after closing time. If your dog has not been checked out from daycare after 20 minutes, they will be boarded for the night and can get picked up the following day. 

Super Pups’ policies and procedures help us keep our customers happy, our dogs safe, and our business fair so that we may provide the best service possible! We are so grateful for each and everyone in our community and appreciate your understanding on the matters above. If there is ever anything we can implement or address to make your daycare experience more enjoyable, we would be happy to hear your suggestions.

Stay Paw-some!

Julia & Makenna